Many educators and parents recognize that a complete education is so much more than academics and the usual electives and extracurricular activities. They understand that for students to be successful and fulfilled in life—on their own terms—students must grow and develop not only in their mental and physical skills but also in their self-knowledge, decision-making and sense of life purpose. Social-Emotional learning is an increasingly recognized aspect of education across the nation and world. It is for these reasons and many others that schools collaborate with us to create meaningful rites of passage programs for their students and school communities.

In fact, given the loss of a sense of community common to much of our society, our schools offer a fantastic opportunity to create a subculture that is able to foster and validate a tradition of poignant, powerful and effective rites of passage. In one of our pilot programs, the senior rites of passage program became a pivotal part of the school year and something that underclassmen eagerly anticipated as they moved into their senior year.

In addition to our rites of passage programs, we collaborate with diverse schools to create a variety of wilderness trips, leadership retreats and other innovative programs. Contact us for more information or to explore how we can help you create a custom program to enrich the lives of your students and school community.