Are You Ready…

  • For a Break from Your Busy Schedule
  • To Mark a Change in Your Life
  • To Feel Free and Alive Again
  • To Reconnect with Nature and with Your True Inner Nature
  • To be Guided Again by your Dreams and Deep Yearning

The DayQuest is an opportunity to step out of your daily routine and into a world of peace, beauty and magic. Let Nature awaken you and guide you back to yourself and to the wisdom you need in your life. You’ll rediscover how Nature’s beauty is not only all around you but also within.

A DayQuest is particularly helpful if you are:

  • At a Point of Transition in Life
  • Are Wanting a Powerful Way to Explore Particular Issues/Difficulties, or
  • Are Ready to Slow Sown and Come Back to Yourself and What is Important and Meaningful to You

About 1/3 of the day is spent in solitude, with the other 2/3 spent together in a small group where we cover a variety of topics including: the teachings of the seasons; ways of seeking guidance, healing, and intimacy with Nature; clarification of each individual’s intentions/hopes for the day; and help in understanding and applying Nature’s offerings to you during your solo time.

As feeling, sensing, expressive beings, there are an infinite array of languages that we use to communicate. We are speaking here not only of verbal languages, but also of many other modes of expression using the body, voice, music, movement and more. These are the languages that Nature herself uses, be it through bird song, facial expression, posture or the elemental sounds of wind in leaves, water upon stone or vast silence of a wilderness night. And although these may sound removed from us as humans, they are anything but that. We use these communicative modalities constantly in our daily lives. We do this not only with one another but also with our nonverbal partners in life – infants, pets, plants, etc. And these modes of communication and expression offer us access into important and often neglected states of being and self-knowing.

On this particular DayQuest, we’ll train you in using the expressive arts—especially movement, drawing and voice—to enhance your intimacy and dialogue with Nature. This is a rich and moving process that can reveal a lot to you about your life and what you are yearning for. Please note: This is about heartfelt expression and not about artistic ability. Prior artistic skill and experience is not necessary.

In addition, we will lead you in other ceremonies and practices that will help you step away from your daily distractions and habits, freeing you to turn to Nature with the fears, hopes and needs of your life. Your pace will slow and you’ll reconnect with Nature and with what truly matters to you. Some participants come with the intention of exploring particular life issues or marking some life transition. Others come to get back in touch with deeper values and needs, or simply to “get away”.

The Details

When: TBA

Where: West Marin county (directions to be sent)

What: An all-day workshop introducing you to a ceremonial way of walking into Nature. Rediscover what is most important to you and what you need right now to feel more balanced, alive and fulfilled. We’ll use a variety of playful and inspiring activities and spend time both as a group and in solitude. A DayQuest is also a wonderful way to mark a point of change in your life or to seek insight or support with specific questions or difficulties.  PLEASE NOTE: You need to be able to walk for about 30 minutes, including up and down hills, to participate in this DayQuest.

What to Bring: (we’ll send you a list after you enroll)

Fee: $150. (Some payment plans & financial aid available)

Register by Mail: Download a Registration Form, complete it, and send it, along with your deposit or full payment to: Wilderness Reflections, P.O. Box 311, Fairfax, CA 94978.

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