Attention Nature-loving Guides, Healers, Teachers and Leaders:

Get The Skills And Confidence You Need

To Work Deeply with Your Clients In Nature

**Designed to Accommodate Out of Town Students**

Have you been longing to do deeper work outdoors with people?

Or maybe you’ve sometimes felt that being indoors with little movement or fresh air drains your creativity and zest for the little time you have to enjoy life?

How can you replenish yourself and do the work you feel called to do?


My name is Dave Talamo.

P1010142 I get calls and emails every week from people just aching to train in ecotherapy- but lacking training or background in psych, social work, etc.  Usually they’ve experienced Nature’s healing powers first-hand. In the past I’ve told these contacts that “If you want to do therapy, be it eco-therapy or any other kind, you need to start with fundamental training as a therapist.”

This training is my answer to these folks who are burning to work in deep collaboration with Nature but don’t have traditional training in psychology, counseling, etc.

I knew getting a formal education in psychology wasn’t practical for many people- nor even what they wanted to do. They wanted the skills to do deeper work with people in Nature within the limits of their training and experience. They wanted to experience and learn the magic of ecotherapy and be ready to blend those skills with what they already knew how to do: E.g.,  facilitate groups, lead retreats, teach, coach or mentor individuals, etc. 

I started mentoring in nature and guiding in the wilderness over 40 years ago. When I went to graduate school, it was with the hope of finding ways of combining my deep work with people and time in Nature. I’ve made it my mission since 1996 to create ways to bring the healing power of Nature into people’s lives. I founded Wilderness Reflections and the TerraSoma Ecopsychology Training Institute. Through this powerful work I’ve helped thousands of people and now focus most of my time in the field upon training and teaching.


Rob F“Dave is a pioneer in the field of ecotherapy. He is an inspired and clear teacher, deeply dedicated to the healing available in nature and to the aliveness and unfolding of the people around him. I know the inner riches to which he has access and wouldn’t hesitate to join his program.”

-Rob Fisher, Senior Hakomi Trainer, Author of Experiential Psychotherapy with Couples, international speaker



“I’d follow Dave down any river!”

-Dr. Steven Foster, Founder of The School Of Lost Borders, Author of The Book of the Vision Quest



Too Many People Get Stuck In A Rut, Doing Work That Just Drains Them. Or Leaves Them Burnt Out Or Depressed.

Is This You?

  • Work feels stale and draining
  • You long to feel energized and excited again
  • Dreams for your future are on the back burner
  • You want more physical movement, fresh air, and beautyin your work day
  • Nature is healing for you and you want that for your clients
  • You’ve been doing the same thing for a while, you are ready for something new
  • You struggle with how to get the skills and training you need to take this next step
  • Your fear and self doubt keep you from making the changes you long to make


Get The Skills You Need To Collaborate With Nature

And Fall In Love With Your Work Again!


Introducing Terrasoma Ecopsychology Training Institute’s

Somatic Ecopsychology for Non-Clinicians


Studies have shown that spending time in nature reduces depression by 70%.

Imagine spending a portion of your work week outdoors with your clients, connecting deeply with the elements, the land and its wild creatures, or offering special retreat intensives and outdoor group programs.

What will it be like to be supported by the beauty and wildness of Nature? To have your clients feels this deep connection and support?

Feel the deep joy and confidence of having the beauty and power of Nature around you and within you to transform your work and your clients’ lives. Your work- like Nature- will be beautiful, lasting and powerful


Julie Ann salespage“Your work is profound!!! You held such a strong yet nurturing vessel for me do this work. The work I did with you years ago helped me find my courage to be more fully in the world. This work is really alive. It continues to unfold in me, like a kaleidoscope revealing more depth and dimension every time I think about it…”            -Julie Ann A., 38




Together, with an Intimate Group Of Like Minded Practitioners You Will:

  • Create the formats and practices that work for you and your clients so that you can create your ideal practice, blending your pre-existing skills and knowledge with current ecotherapy skills and theory
  • Learn some of the science that validates ecotherapy as a healing modality so that you can be extremely compelling in promoting your programs with clarity and confidence
  • Get the experience, skills and training to support you need to Blend Nature into your private sessions, groups, workshops and retreats
  • Learn the key principles and practices of reciprocity so that you can Be in Right Relationship with People and Place and can find ideal venues for your outdoor sessions
  • Participate in a vital, supportive community of professional peers that can become long-term support for you and have the power of this community behind you as you launch your own Nature-based work.


“The group ceremonies and sharing circle were incredibly validating, healing, safe spaces. I have never been in any group experience where I have felt as vulnerable and undefended, loved, understood, genuine, appreciated, connected and safe.”            
Yola H, 34, Therapist


You will learn:

  • Intentional use of ceremony to foster Deep Nature Dialogues
  • How to create the group container and support emotional comfort of clients
  • Skills for working with Deep Nature Dialogues, Spontaneous Nature Events and other client narratives/stories
  • Tracking and working with non-verbal, somatic cues
  • How to immerse clients in an emerging strength to shift old patterns and support enduring change in their nervous system and behavior
  • To engage the ‘medicine’ or healing possibilities of different landscapes
  • Logistics, ethics and other considerations of individual & group leadership in Deep Nature Guiding
  • Learn the essentials of how to manage risk assessment, liability insurance, access to public & private lands
  • Practice using creative writing and expressive arts (movement, visual arts, voice, percussion, etc.) to enhance direct communication with Nature

When: August 18-24, 2019 and a Follow Up Video Call on Weds., Sep. 4, 2019, 6-8 pm.


  • Sunday, 8/18 – 9 am – 5 pm;
  • Mon., 8/19 – 9 am – 6 pm;
  • Tue., 8/20 – 9 am – 3 pm
  • Wed., 8/21 – 9 am – 5 pm and 6-9pm
  • Thu., 8/22- 10 am – 3 pm
  • Fri., 8/23- 9 am – 5 pm
  • Sat. 8/24- 9 am- 5 pm

Weds., 9/4, 6-8 pm for Follow Up Video Call

Where: West Marin County, CA (Aug. 18-24) and Video Call (Sep. 4)

What’s included: All guiding, instruction, facilitation and group safety/emergency management; camping site**; group camping gear; suggested readings.

(** Not planning to camp on-site, see below for FAQs with lodging and travel logistics information**)

What’s not included: Meals, personal camping equipment; accommodations the night before the program begins nor the night it ends.

Fee: $1997 (for 7 days plus one 2-hour long video conference call). Some payment plans available on a first-come, first-served basis.

To Register: To register for this program, please send us your payment or deposit ($500) for the program and a one-page letter of intent describing your personal and professional reasons for wanting to attend the program.

Register Online: Click here to complete your registration form, submit your letter of intent and make a payment online(

Register by Mail: Send us your name, address, phone and email contact along with your letter of intent and deposit or full payment to: Wilderness Reflections, P.O.Box 311, Fairfax, CA 94978.

The class is limited to 12 people. If You Know You’re Ready, Click Here to REGISTER NOW

“I gained my real voice, with a great sense of wholeness.  I gained vision, but I think more importantly I hit a deeper emotional level, a soulful level, that continues to resonate to this day.”            David H, 37, Therapist & Ed. Consultant


“Dave’s teachings are a unique mix of masterful consulting skills, appreciation of nature, knowledge of ancient traditions, and creative use of song, poetry and art. Dave asks the appropriate questions—often the tough questions—to help us open up to our deeper yearnings. Most of all, Dave uses his gentleness, wisdom and love to create a safe and nurturing environment.            Lynn R, 46, Consultant

Get Ready To Experience A Deeper Connection To Yourself And Nature Through Your Work!

You will have…a huge energetic boost both personally and professionally, with lots of good nature time, community and connection.


“Thank you, thank you, thank you Dave for being such an amazing facilitator! You have such a grounded, strong, calm, quiet, deep, incredibly perceptive presence to you. In so many ways I feel like you were a reflection/extension of the amazing holding and healing power of nature that was surrounding us. You are a very inspiring ecotherapy facilitator, teacher, healer!! Many, many thanks!!”            – Annabelle N, 30, MFT Intern



My goal is to train you to feel free and confident to create your Nature-based work and practice as you envision it. Rather than teach you to do ecotherapy as I do, I want to empower you to work in the way that is uniquely yours.

You know deep down if this training is right for you. If you are on the fence, go for a hike. Nature is a powerful mirror. I’m also here answer any questions and completely support you on your path to serve and support others.

Thank you so much for your good work in the world,


“This work with Dave isn’t just about developing appreciation, comfort, and a deep gratitude for the wilderness – it is a well-crafted process of using the wilderness to create a profoundly meaningful personal transformation.”            Peter Klaphaak, Psychiatrist


“I gained confidence in myself and I was able to initiate a new direction in my life in the areas of work, my spiritual practice, health (returning to vegetarianism and doing more exercise) and completing my dissertation. The most amazing change is what’s happening at work. All my employees are very motivated to incorporate all the new values we have agreed upon which have to do with promoting spirituality, community living, sustainability and holistic care. We are already witnessing incredible changes with the kids we work with and our team is becoming more united and stronger by the day.”

R. Kane, 34, Therapist

“I continue to be impressed by the profound effects I am experiencing from our work together. The spiritual connection I made with Nature feels grounded in my core and changes the way I contact every part of my life.”

Kate S, 47, Counselor

“If you are feeling the call to recharge and reconnect with nature in a ceremonial context, or you are interested in deepening your practice through somatic ecopsychology, look into Dave Talamo’s work. He embodies a deep integrity and sincerity in his teaching, as does his staff. My quest with him was intensely transformative and I am still reaping the benefits of it many years later.”

Melissa G., MFT


“I am different. I am coming from a different place inside myself, more connected spiritually, to something greater than myself. I’ve gotten clear about the work I need to do in the world.”                  – Kate S, 47, Counselor


“What a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with the Earth, with the Mother! Thank you for your gentle, clear guidance. I think this is valuable for interns because it calls for a deeper connection to self, gives time for reflection and regeneration—a time for introspection as well as group bonding.”

Maria K, MFT, 58, Clinical Director, Agency Counseling Program


“I was really shut down before going -bbboooorrreeedddd with how I was spending my time.  Now I feel like I remember what I love.”

Shana S, 40


“The mirroring training was especially valuable.  I began to incorporate it immediately into my work with my students at the college.  It is invaluable in helping the students synthesize their feelings and thoughts.”

Teri G, 54, Professor


“Dave was an ideal guide for this kind of work for a number of reasons. His obvious love and passion for the work was an inspiring example for my own. He demonstrated a strong and compassionate commitment to my own growth and exploration through the entire process. I greatly appreciated Dave’s flexibility and resourcefulness in creating an experience which fit my inner and outer needs. He brought a rare combination of wisdom, creativity, soulfullness, and playfulness to the experience. His deep connection to nature and the traditions of nature-spirituality provided a well-spring of knowledge and inspiration in my preparations and during the threshold and reintegration elements.”

Jon L, 31, Community Planner


** FAQs About Lodging Accommodations and Travel Arrangements **

• I am interested in a four walls and a roof lodging, but how far would such lodging be from the main camp ground. Is there a place you recommend specifically that is ideal?

To have four walls and a roof lodging, you’ll need to find a spot in one of the nearby communities. The nearest inn/hotel is the Valley Inn, in San Geronimo, CA 94963 (about 8 mins. drive from our site). There are many other possibilities include AirBnB or VRBO or other similar listings (you might try craigslist SF Bay area too, if these prior sources come up short). Look in the following communities/zip codes: Lagunitas 94938 (5 mins drive); Forest Knolls 94933 (7 mins); San Geronimo (8 mins); Woodacre (13 mins). And a little further away are Pt. Reyes Station 94956(15+ mins), Fairfax 94930 (~ 20 mins) and Nicasio 94946 (~ 20 mins), which all have inns/hotels as well. 

NOTE: If you choose to stay off site and not camp with us, this will require you to transport yourself to/from the site each day. Most students have handled this by either renting a car (alone or with other students) or getting a ride from another commuting student. There is currently public transit that meshes fairly well with our typical current morning schedule and, almost certainly, you could carpool back to your lodging at the end of class, when the bus schedule is less optimal. The most relevant bus route is Marin Transit route 68 and check other routes too (see more at


• What are affordable or helpful traveling suggestions do you have both to get there from the airport and for daily transportation if I won’t have a vehicle?

A few options, in rough order of affordability and practicality. See above for some details about your daily commuting options: 

– carpooling from the airport with other incoming students, with whom we can put you in contact.

– Marin Airporter bus from SFO to San Rafael, CA ($22) plus either Uber/Lyft/cab, public transit or carpool from there to your lodging. This is probably the best mix of practicality and affordability, given the luggage you’ll have in tow. (Coming in to OAK airport, check out Airport Express to San Rafael.)

-There is public transportation from SFO, albeit requiring two transfers. Depending upon the exact location of your lodging, you may either have a several minute walk or need a cab from the bus stop to your lodging.

– See NOTE above as well for daily transportation needs to/from class.

Call Me Today With Your Questions and to Reserve Your Spot (415) 339-7405

The class is limited to 12 people. If You Know You’re Ready, Click Here to REGISTER NOW