Our bodies are our most intimate place of connection with Nature. From this perspective, it is so clear that we are Nature.

What is your EarthBody? Your body is your landscape of Nature within which you live and experience life. By extension, the earth and all of Nature is also a body within which we live. Seems so simple, but in our post-modern, digitally accelerated world, losing track of ourselves and our connections with Nature, within and externally, is a painful epidemic of disconnection.

This program is a collaboration of TerraSoma founder Dave Talamo and Ariana Candell and her EarthBody approach. Together they bring half a century of working with people in Nature, in dance and movement, therapy and many other expressive modalities. For this event we will be blending together practices of mindfulness, Authentic Movement, nature-based ceremony, intentional solo time, and Chi Kung with Nature. We will use experiential methods to help you learn new tools that you can apply personally and professionally.

Do you love dancing and moving? Do you enjoy being outside in nature?

We welcome you to embrace your body and nature, your Earthbody!

CEUs available for MFTs/LCSWs   (PCE#3930)

Join us to:

  • Learn simple, yet profound practices of connecting with the Earth for grounding, centering, reducing stress and experiencing peacefulness.
  • Explore embodied ways to recharge and renew your energy with the abundance of the land.
  • Embody the sturdiness of oaks, supportive circle of redwoods and the unfurling of ferns.
  • Explore the freedom of opening and moving your body and senses to new heights.
  • Take home body-oriented techniques to bring the healing powers of the Earth into your daily life and work
  • Receive inspiration and guidance for your work, relationships and life path.


DEVELOP YOUR EARTHBODY! through moving your intimate connection to the land, waters, plants and creatures.


The Details

When: May 18th, 2014, 9:30 am -5 pm

Where: Redwood Regional Park, Oakland, CA

Where: Redwood Regional Park, Oakland, CA

What: A daylong embodied exploration of what it means to inhabit your EarthBody- to knowingly feel yourself as a part of Nature- and discover how this can feed healing, inspiration, insight and rejuvenation for yourself and those you serve.

What to Bring: We’ll send you a list after you enroll.

Fee: $125 (if paid by April 14th), $150 after 3/31. Student/intern rate $95. Please contact us to arrange a payment plan if needed.

Register by Mail: Download a Registration Form, complete it, and send it, along with your payment to: Wilderness Reflections, P.O. Box 311, Fairfax, CA 94978.

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