Attention Experienced Therapists, Psychologists, Coaches and Social Workers:

Get The Skills And Confidence

To Work With Your Clients In Nature


**Designed to Accommodate Out of Town Students**

Have you ever felt alone and burnt out at the end of a long day of sitting in a room, supporting others?

Or maybe you’ve sometimes felt that being indoors with little movement or fresh air drains your creativity and zest for the little time you have to enjoy life?

How can you replenish yourself and grow your work in a meaningful way

when you are giving all the time?


P1010142My name is Dave Talamo.

I got into the field of therapy with a strong desire to help people make lasting, meaningful change in the their lives. But I found the traditional long days of sitting and working in the office with clients for many hours to be limiting and, at times, draining. Can you relate?

I started mentoring in nature and guiding in the wilderness over 40 years ago. When I went to graduate school, it was with the hope of finding ways of combining my deep work with people and time in Nature. As a licensed therapist, I spent many years keeping my passion for the natural world separate from my therapy practice. My clients were coming to me overwhelmed, overworked, drained, anxious and depressed. People would share little side comments like “I feel so great when I go to the beach” or “I love how I feel when I’m able to just go out for a brief walk”.

Although I had many different therapy modalities to help them, I always felt like something was tugging at my heart. I knew there was so much more I could offer, but I wasn’t sure how to bring this all together. I was waiting for permission and professional validation.

Then one day it hit me. I was headed home after a long, full, intense day of client work. My eyes went to the stars twinkling above a ridge. I knew I had to get my clients out on the land. It was time to integrate therapy and my wilderness work.

I’ve made it my mission for over 30 years to create ways to bring the healing power of Nature into people’s lives. I founded Wilderness Reflections and the TerraSoma Ecopsychology Training Institute. Through this powerful work I’ve helped thousands of people.


Rob F“Dave is a pioneer in the field of ecotherapy. He is an inspired and clear teacher, deeply dedicated to the healing available in nature and to the aliveness and unfolding of the people around him. I know the inner riches to which he has access and wouldn’t hesitate to join his program.”

-Rob Fisher, Senior Hakomi Trainer, Author of Experiential Psychotherapy with Couples, international speaker



“I’d follow Dave down any river!”

-Dr. Steven Foster, Founder of The School Of Lost Borders, Author of The Book of the Vision Quest




Too Many Professionals In Our Field Get Stuck In A Rut, Burnt Out, Or Depressed.


Is This You?

  • Work feels stale and draining
  • You long to feel energized and excited again
  • Dreams for your practice are on the back burner
  • You want more physical movement, fresh air, and beautyin your work day
  • Nature is healing for you and you want that for your clients
  • You’ve been doing the same thing for a while, you are ready for something new
  • You struggle with how to bring  your love of nature into your practice
  • Your fear and self doubt keep you from making the changes you long to make

2024 Is The Year To Get The Skills You Need To Bring Nature Into Your Practice

And Fall In Love With Your Work Again!


Introducing Terrasoma Ecopsychology Training Institute’s

5-Month Professional Ecotherapy Certificate Program

This Certificate Program is the Most Comprehensive Training You Can Get to Launch Your Own Career in Ecotherapy:

     • Differentiate Your Work

     • And Attract Incredible Clients

     • With One Of The Most Innovative And Profound Healing Modalities On The Planet!

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 8.27.04 PM

Studies have shown that spending time in nature reduces depression by 70%.

Can you get these kinds of results with traditional therapy, sitting for an hour in an office? You can access this instantly with your client in an ecotherapy session! According to WebMd, some doctors are now even prescribing ecotherapy to patients with a variety of conditions!

Imagine spending a portion of your work week outdoors with your clients, connecting deeply with the elements, the land and its wild creatures, or offering special retreat intensives and outdoor group ecotherapy programs.

What will it be like to be supported by the beauty and wildness of Nature? To have your clients feels this deep connection and support?

Feel the deep joy and confidence of having the beauty and power of Nature around you and within you to transform your practice and your clients’ lives. Your work- like Nature- will be beautiful, lasting and powerful


Julie Ann salespage“Your work is profound!!! You held such a strong yet nurturing vessel for me do this work. The work I did with you years ago helped me find my courage to be more fully in the world. This work is really alive. It continues to unfold in me, like a kaleidoscope revealing more depth and dimension every time I think about it…”            -Julie Ann A., 38




Together, with an Intimate Group Of Like Minded Practitioners You Will:

  • Create the ecotherapy format and practices that work for you and your clients so that you can create your ideal practice, blending traditional & nature-based therapy work
  • Create your own nature-based treatment plans and apply them with confidence so that you can have a solid, steady income from your ecotherapy work
  • Learn the theories and science that validate ecotherapy as a healing modality so that you can be extremely compelling in promoting your programs with clarity and confidence
  • Get the experience, skills and training to become well-versed in ecotherapy so that you can lead private sessions, group sessions, workshops and retreats
  • Learn little known facts about ecotherapy that prove working with Nature is powerfully different than traditional therapies
  • Discover the art of matching different environments with particular client needs to get fresh, profound, lasting results
  • Receive guidance and consultation so that you can find ideal venues for your outdoor sessions and work in a way that feels comfortable, energizing and in collaboration with Nature
  • Participate in a vital, supportive community of professional peers that can become long-term support for you and have the power of this community behind you as you launch your ecotherapy practice


“The group ceremonies and sharing circle were incredibly validating, healing, safe spaces. I have never been in any group experience where I have felt as vulnerable and undefended, loved, understood, genuine, appreciated, connected and safe.”            
Yola H, 34, Therapist


The 5 Pillars Of Curriculum For This 5-Month Experiential Certificate Program Include:



  • Teach clients how to step into an intimate dialogue with Nature for growth, healing and renewal
  • Learn how to be in right relationship with Nature as you develop your own on-the-land practice

– Find/build relationship with land sites,

– Create customized session formats and

– Develop practices for your ecotherapy sessions

  • Practice how to nurture your own Nature Connection so that your communication comes from a place of inner strength, confidence, and clarity.
  • Learn how to teach clients mindfulness- a crucial tool to transformative therapy
  • Receive tools to manage your internal state as a therapist and bring Nature into all your therapy work- outdoors or indoors


“I gained my real voice, with a great sense of wholeness.  I gained vision, but I think more importantly I hit a deeper emotional level, a soulful level, that continues to resonate to this day.”            David H, 37, Therapist & Ed. Consultant




  • Learn the theories and science that validate ecotherapy as a healing modality
  • Learn indoor ecotherapy skills, practices and theory
  • Get access to powerful case studies that showcase Nature as the ultimate resource for healing trauma and PTSD


“Nature is the ideal setting for therapy, healing trauma and regulation of the nervous system.”                                                      -Ariel Giarretto, Somatic Experiencing senior trainer


  • Understand the various landscapes, seasons, weather, and elements that are the best fit for given clients and diagnoses
  • Learn how to use mindfulness and bodily awareness to maximize the impacts and value of therapy
  • Receive models for nature-based assessment and treatment planning
  • Learn tools for how to modify ecotherapy for special populations- e.g., children, teens, addiction, etc.
  • Integrate ecotherapy into your current clinical interventions and orientation


2008 August 336

“Dave’s teachings are a unique mix of masterful consulting skills, appreciation of nature, knowledge of ancient traditions, and creative use of song, poetry and art. Dave asks the appropriate questions—often the tough questions—to help us open up to our deeper yearnings. Most of all, Dave uses his gentleness, wisdom and love to create a safe and nurturing environment.            Lynn R, 46, Consultant



  • Learn the essentials of how to manage risk assessment, liability insurance, access to public & private lands
  • Discover how to manage legal and ethical considerations for doing therapy outdoors
  • Optimize your schedule and blend indoor & outdoor venues into your daily or weekly schedule


“There was a safety created for me to go out and do the work that was needed and being asked because the container was being held in integrity, authenticity, and play that I deeply appreciated.”            Kassey B, 33



  • How to create healing ceremonies and use expressive arts with clients in Nature
  • Using Movement as a mode of soulful communication with Nature
  • Opportunities for creative writing and expression of your own connection to Nature


“It was as if my whole life draped itself across the landscape like a tapestry for me to experience in a visual and tactile way. It was illuminating.”            Kristin M, 56

Here’s What’s Included In The Program:

  • 7-day on-the land immersion to ground the program in direct contact, conversation and reciprocity with Nature
  • 8 Three-hour class meetings (in person or call-in option for those not in the SF Bay Area)
  • “Therapy Outside the Box: All the Skills and Tools You Need to Confidently Begin Outdoor Ecotherapy”. Our 8-hour self-study online video class including law & ethics, liability, screening new clients and more
  • 2 One-hour private consultations with Dave (for case consultation, on-the-land site finding or marketing support)
  • 2 individual ecotherapy sessions with Dave and/or his staff
  • Ecotherapy practicum with supervised leadership and constructive feedback
  • Supportive group consultation for your budding ecotherapy work
  • An array of useful forms and the best resources, secrets, tips and tricks from Dave’s personal practice
  • Guided study with written assignments
  • Certificate of completion from Terasoma Ecopsychology Training Institute (see requirements for certificate in our FAQs section below)
  • Powerful group experiences will be woven into the program for deep integration, intention building and visioning to support this work in your practice
  • A community of like-minded professionals for long-term support of your ecotherapy work

Get Ready To Experience A Deeper Connection To Yourself And Nature Through Your Work!


You will have…a huge energetic boost both personally and professionally,

with lots of good nature time, community and connection.  

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Early Bird Registration Discount: Enroll by November 30, 2023 and receive a $300 discount.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here’s The Program Logistics And Schedule:

For Spring 2024 the program starts April 20, 2024 and ends August 20, 2024


Therapists, Interns, Social Workers, Psychologists, Coaches and other practicing mental health professionals eager to bring Nature to their clients and their clients to Nature.

What & When: 

  • By April 19, 2024 you’ll complete our 8-hour self-paced online video class “Therapy Outside the Box: How to Join with Nature and Transform Your Therapy Practice”. In this intro mini-course you’ll learn about relevant law & ethics, risk management and liability concerns and how to handle confidentiality, client assessment and other issues you must address to ready yourself and your clients for outdoor therapeutic work. You’ll have unlimited access to the course content and be able to use it for review whenever you need it.
  • April 20- 26, 2024, 9am- 5pm each day. Our in-person instruction formally begins with 7 days of in-person experiential learning in Nature. We’ll use many modes of instruction including live demos, developing new skills, supported practice sessions, discussion, didactic learning and more. Also known as the “Immersion” phase of the program, this is where we form our learning community. During the Immersion many students make strong connections with others in their cohort and become great allies for one another in manifesting their unique forms of ecotherapy work in the world.
  • Tuesday evenings, 5:30-8:30pm (PDT): 5/7, 5/21, 6/4, 6/18, 7/9, 7/23, 8/6 and 8/20. After the Immersion we continue with on 8 live online video calls as you learn more about indoor ecotherapy and begin integrating your learning into your everyday practice and life. We’ll support and consult with you as you do your first ecotherapy sessions on land near to you; help you craft clinical justification for outdoor sessions with particular clients and research an area of special interest in the field. Towards the end of the program, we will help you refine your vision/business plan for your next steps as an ecotherapist and provide training and coaching in how to do the marketing/outreach you need to do to make your ecotherapy vision a reality! (What a great thing to do together, right?!!)


Outdoors on unceded Coast Miwok lands in west Sonoma & Marin Counties, CA. The beautiful Open Sky Retreat Space in the Bloomfield area of w. Sonoma Co. will be our primary course base. On some days we’ll journey to other local wild lands to explore the possibilities in building a therapeutic alliance with a variety of settings and ecosystems. After the in-person Immersion (4/20- 26/ 2024), we’ll meet biweekly for the 8 live video call classes.


$4,397. Deposit $500 (balance due 2 months before the start of the program). Limited to 12 participants. Additional fee for lodging, if needed. **BIPOC Equity scholarships available- contact us for details.**

Lodging & Camping (Optional): 

Students may commute each day to the course, stay off-site or reserve one of the limited number of rooms or camping spots available on-site. Single occupancy rooms are available for the week (from the tiny casita ($490) to a private bed/bath ($850)). Camping is also available for the week. Go to the Open Sky Lodging & Camping webpage for more lodging and camping details. Showers and full kitchens are available to all students staying on-site. Lodging is available beginning on 4/19/24, the evening before the in-person Immersion, and is also available on the night of the last day of the course, 4/26/24.


Please consult with us before making your travel plans. Once enrolled in the course, we’ll contact you about your unique travel logistics. Class begins at 9am on Sat., 4/20/24 and ends at 5pm on 4/26/24. Airport shuttles to the course site will be available on 4/19 and 4/26 or 4/27, depending upon group need.


We strongly suggest that you Contact Us BEFORE making travel plans AND that you plan to arrive in the SF Bay Area in the morning of the day before instruction begins and depart in the afternoon on the day after class ends.

 One requirement of the program is that you do two ecotherapy sessions as client with us (so that you have the experience of being an ecotherapy client prior to certification). To make this easier for students from out of town, we can make a limited number of session times available in the day before and day after the 7-day immersion. Occasionally a session or two are available during the week of the immersion itself as well. All of these sessions are available on a first-come, first-served basis

(For students with easier access to the SF Bay Area, you are welcome to arrange your individual ecotherapy sessions with us at any time convenient to us both. This needn’t be in close proximity to the dates of the 7-day immersion.)


Meals are not provided.  For those who wish to cook their own meals on-site, there are 2 fully-equipped communal kitchens with refrigerators & freezers on the premises. There are nearby markets & restaurants with most anything you could want within a 15 minute drive. (For students without a vehicle during the course, carpooling to/from town, markets and restaurants is typically easy to arrange.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Enroll Now – Early Bird Registration Discount: Enroll by November 30 and receive a $300 discount.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

To Register Please Complete These Three Steps:

1. Go To and complete the form.

2. Make Payment either pay a $500 non-refundable deposit or full fee now via PayPal (after registering in step 1) or by sending a check to us via USPS to Wilderness Reflections, P.O. Box 311, Fairfax, CA 94978.

3. Send us a 1-page letter of intent stating your reasons for enrolling in the  apprenticeship program  (via email or by USPS to Wilderness Reflections, P.O. Box 311, Fairfax, CA 94978).

Register Online

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Joining us from out of the area or commuting daily to our course area?

Please use carbon offsets to reduce the climate changing impacts of your travel. See how at (It’s quite easy and more affordable than you might guess.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Continuing Education credits: 75 CE credits are available for this program

Information on Continuing Education Credit for Health Professionals

• CE credits for psychologists are provided by the Spiritual Competency Academy (SCA) which is co-sponsoring this program. The Spiritual Competency Academy is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Spiritual Competency Academy maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

• The California Board of Behavioral Sciences accepts CE credits for LCSW, LPCC, LEP, and LMFT license renewal for programs offered by sponsors of CE who are approved by the American Psychological Association.

• LCSW, LPCC, LEP and LMFTs, and other professionals from outside of California need to check with their state licensing board as to whether or not they accept credits from programs offered by approved sponsors of CE by the American Psychological Association.

• SCA is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN Provider CEP16887) for licensed nurses in California. RNs must retain their certificate of attendance for 4 years after the course concludes. Nurses outside of California must confirm acceptance with their licensing boards.

•For questions about your certificate or the content, logistics, or other support issues regarding this course, please contact

For questions about whether APA CE is valid for you, contact your licensing board directly. 

For general questions about APA CE, contact SCA at


“Thank you, thank you, thank you Dave for being such an amazing facilitator! You have such a grounded, strong, calm, quiet, deep, incredibly perceptive presence to you. In so many ways I feel like you were a reflection/extension of the amazing holding and healing power of nature that was surrounding us. You are a very inspiring ecotherapy facilitator, teacher, healer!! Many, many thanks!!”            – Annabelle N, 30, MFT Intern



What Is My Investment For This Pioneering 5-Month Ecotherapy Certificate Program?

The total investment is $4397 or 6 easy payments of $740. (*Payment plan includes a financing fee of $43.)

EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION DISCOUNT (register by November 30, 2023) $4097. ($300 savings!)

Your investment includes all training, resources, private consulting and individual ecotherapy sessions with Dave, certificate and site fees.


If you are yearning to take your practice to the next level in a way that deepens your connection with nature and sets your work apart from others in a crowded field, this certificate will completely change your life.


Call Me Today With Your Questions and to Reserve Your Spot (415) 339-7405

The certificate program is limited to 12 people. If You Know You’re Ready, Click Here to REGISTER NOW

“I also have even more of an appreciation for nature and the power of this work and ecopsychology in general in a way that is more embedded in my atoms than just in my conceptual mind… I am deeply grateful for the opportunity, for all those who came together to share this experience, for your vision to offer this, and for the really profound life lessons that have emerged. Thank you so much for all that you did to make this such a valuable and blessed experience for me and others.”           Rachelle C, 39, Therapist, Yoga Teacher


My goal is to train you to feel free and confident to create your ecotherapy work and practice as you envision it. Rather than teach you to do ecotherapy as I do, I want to empower you to practice ecotherapy in the way that is uniquely yours.

You know deep down if this training is right for you. If you are on the fence, go for a hike. Nature is a powerful mirror. I’m also here answer any questions and completely support you on your path to serve and support others.

Thank you so much for your good work in the world,


p.s.- Call me if there’s any way I can support you on your path as an ecotherapist.


“This work with Dave isn’t just about developing appreciation, comfort, and a deep gratitude for the wilderness – it is a well-crafted process of using the wilderness to create a profoundly meaningful personal transformation.”            Peter Klaphaak, Psychiatrist

†- For more about the original residents of our course area, the Coast Miwok, see our Land & Indigenous Peoples Acknowledgment page


“What is required to receive your certificate?”

The following are required to complete the certificate program:

  • Full participation in the 8-day immersion, including practice in roles of both therapist and client
  • Attendance at all 8 online video classes (up to 2 may be made up for unavoidable absences)
  • Completion of 2 ecotherapy sessions with our instructors (each 60-75 minutes long)
  • Participation and completion of major homework assignments, readings and engagement with outside-of-class tasks, including conducting at least 1 practice ecotherapy session on your own (can be indoors or outdoors)
  • Completion of Final Paper with vision statement and action plan (2-4 pgs. in length)


“I am concerned with taking on this expense. Will it be worth it?”

Following the training provided, including the focus on marketing and support in launching your own ecotherapy work, you will likely earn this investment back within a year.


“I can’t afford to pay for it all right now. Can I still enroll?”

Yes. We have a payment plan that spreads payments out over 6 months. Enroll by the early bird discount deadline for significant savings as well.


“What if this doesn’t completely work with my schedule”

The program is designed for working clinicians, and to be accessible to non-residents of the SF Bay Area. Residence is required at the 7-day immersion but students may call in for the Tue. evening sessions. If a student has to miss one or more days of the immersion, please contact Dave to discuss how/if it is possible to make these up and still enroll in the program. The Tue. evening meetings will be recorded and can be watched at your leisure after the live meeting if a student should miss one of these meetings.


“Are people ready for ecotherapy? I love nature, but is this too outside of the box?”

Ecotherapy is starting to get a lot of attention in the medical and media industries. It is well supported by research as an effective, important modality. A key piece of this training is guiding students to develop their own approach to ecotherapy that is effective and comfortable for them.  To support this personal confidence, the program is limited to 10 participants and teaches students to think critically about their ecotherapy treatment plans.


“What about insurance? And what about ethical concerns with ecotherapy?”

Liability and ethics concerns are important topics to which we give ample attention during the course of the certificate program. There are several insurance options that we discuss in detail in the program so that you can find what’s best for you.


“What about the weather?”

We have indoor and outdoor meeting sites we can use during the program.  And we will have a thorough exploration of the pros and cons of working indoors vs. outdoors in all kinds of conditions. Every solid ecotherapist needs to have place and plans for handling environmental challenges of all kinds. And changes in weather and conditions can often provide wonderful therapeutic opportunities, in the right context and moment.


“I’m concerned about the CO2 emissions I’ll create by traveling to/from the class.”

We’re concerned about this as well. Study locally if you can. And yet we know that ecotherapy isn’t a skill that can be learned entirely online, thru reading, etc. Great stuff can be learned about this topic in that purely didactic, academic way. But our bias is that you need time with people in connection with Nature and that you couldn’t fully learn to be an ecotherapist without this than you could really learn to swim without getting wet! So, for some folks, that may require traveling to a class. For this, we strongly suggest you get some carbon offsets for your CO2 output. One reliable source for this is the Carbon Fund (


“I’m afraid I won’t follow through and make changes in my life/work”

While no one can make you follow through on anything, this program gives a lot of help to students in this regard. Since many therapists aren’t naturally inclined to marketing and self-promotion, we will give this some steady, solid attention in the program PLUS 2 individual consultations with Dave, group consultation, and the ongoing support of your peer cohort.


Call Me Today With Your Questions and to Reserve Your Spot (415) 339-7405

The certificate program is limited to 12 people. If You Know You’re Ready, Click Here to REGISTER NOW


“I am embarking on a private practice where I plan to use ecotherapy as a main pillar of my work. I did not know where my ecotherapy journey was going before doing this program, and I’m not sure I ever would have had the confidence or framework to do it at all. The program proved to be the total jumping-off point and “invitation” for me to pursue this exciting new professional interest.                      

– Ari Comart, LCSW

“I gained confidence in myself and I was able to initiate a new direction in my life in the areas of work, my spiritual practice, health (returning to vegetarianism and doing more exercise) and completing my dissertation. The most amazing change is what’s happening at work. All my employees are very motivated to incorporate all the new values we have agreed upon which have to do with promoting spirituality, community living, sustainability and holistic care. We are already witnessing incredible changes with the kids we work with and our team is becoming more united and stronger by the day.”

R. Kane, 34, Therapist

“I continue to be impressed by the profound effects I am experiencing from our work together. The spiritual connection I made with Nature feels grounded in my core and changes the way I contact every part of my life.”

Kate S, 47, Counselor

“If you are feeling the call to recharge and reconnect with nature in a ceremonial context, or you are interested in deepening your practice through somatic ecopsychology, look into Dave Talamo’s work. He embodies a deep integrity and sincerity in his teaching, as does his staff. My quest with him was intensely transformative and I am still reaping the benefits of it many years later.”

Melissa G., MFT


“I am different. I am coming from a different place inside myself, more connected spiritually, to something greater than myself. I’ve gotten clear about the work I need to do in the world.”                  – Kate S, 47, Counselor


“What a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with the Earth, with the Mother! Thank you for your gentle, clear guidance. I think this is valuable for interns because it calls for a deeper connection to self, gives time for reflection and regeneration—a time for introspection as well as group bonding.”

Maria K, MFT, 58, Clinical Director, Agency Counseling Program


“I was really shut down before going -bbboooorrreeedddd with how I was spending my time.  Now I feel like I remember what I love.”

Shana S, 40


“The mirroring training was especially valuable.  I began to incorporate it immediately into my work with my students at the college.  It is invaluable in helping the students synthesize their feelings and thoughts.”

Teri G, 54, Professor


“Dave was an ideal guide for this kind of work for a number of reasons. His obvious love and passion for the work was an inspiring example for my own. He demonstrated a strong and compassionate commitment to my own growth and exploration through the entire process. I greatly appreciated Dave’s flexibility and resourcefulness in creating an experience which fit my inner and outer needs. He brought a rare combination of wisdom, creativity, soulfullness, and playfulness to the experience. His deep connection to nature and the traditions of nature-spirituality provided a well-spring of knowledge and inspiration in my preparations and during the threshold and reintegration elements.”

Jon L, 31, Community Planner

Call Me Today With Your Questions and to Reserve Your Spot (415) 339-7405

The certificate program is limited to 12 people. If You Know You’re Ready, Click Here to REGISTER NOW