What is Council?

Council is an ancient and modern form of communication, a way to be together as people, in community with each other and the natural world. As humans, we have made our way by sharing our stories, be it around the fire, in tribal Councils or through bedtime stories. At Wilderness Reflections, Council is an integral part of our rites of passage journeys, and all Quest participants participate in the art and practice of Council.

Council Training and Practice with WR

At Wilderness Reflections, we are committed to honoring the ancient and modern tradition of sitting in council and training others to apply the principles and practice of Council in modern times. Practiced around the world in communities, organizations, prisons, families, intimate relationships, corporations, communities and educational settings, Council helps to nurture the deep, authentic connections often neglected in our ever-faster, multi-tasking-oriented culture. We offer incorporation and other councils for the WR community as well as Council training. Stay tuned for events in the Bay Area and at other locations throughout the country. We also provide custom trainings and Council sessions with families, groups, individuals, staff, etc.

Contact Us for more information if you or your group would like to arrange for a custom Council or Council training