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In August I offered a new 2-hour introduction to ecotherapy, Step Outside and Tame Your Inner Critic. It was a fabulous success! It’s exciting that this event is being featured by the group Living Social and they are passing the word on to many more people.


I will be offering the event 3 more times:

Sep. 27th,

Oct. 18th and

Nov. 7th.


Click here to register for the event on Living Social’s website for 50% off!


Here’s a brief overview of this program:

How do you handle your Inner Critic?

Do you silence and suppress her? (only to explode in relationships?)

Disapprove and fight with him? (never getting anywhere with your projects)

Surrender? (and get depressed about it)


In Nature, there are so many possibilities for radical self-acceptance, self-nurturing and healing interaction with our Inner Critic.

  •  Gain Peace with the negative voices in your head to access courage when you need it most
  •  Learn to step out of toxic shame and self-criticism to live more freely and fully
  •  Find new tools for managing judgments so you feel more connected to others
  •  Discover how Nature can be a great ally in healing all kinds of personal wounds
  •  Use the four facets of Inner Critic healing to enhance health, reduce stress and improve relationships

The day completes with a summary of the tools learned and a discussion of how to take these discoveries to the next level.


I will be offering the event on Sep. 27th, Oct. 18th and Nov. 7th. Click here to register for the event on LIving Social’s website.
Can’t make these dates or curious about private ecotherapy sessions? Contact me to talk about how ecotherapy might help you heal from past traumas, move through stuck places and bring more happiness, ease and energy into your everyday life.


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