Custom Rites of Passage

  • Do you have a vision for a rite of passage ceremony? Or, perhaps, some ideas that you would like to explore?
  • Would you like to create something customized to fit the needs of yourself, family or community?

At Wilderness Reflections, we provide consultation to support individuals in creating their own Rites of Passage and Coming of Age ceremonies.

We also offer custom rites of passage and coming-of-age programs. Past offerings include school-based programs, family rites for fathers and sons, private group journeys to Africa, Hawaii and some of our most iconic and amazing national parks such as Yellowstone, Sequoia/Kings Canyon, Yosemite and more.

For those interested in a more physically active, backcountry variation of the Wilderness Quest, we have innovated a variety of programs such as our Sierra Walkabout and Standing Where Earth Meets Sky (our yoga/Quest program).

Incorporation Mentorship

After participating in a Wilderness Reflections program, participants become eligible to receive Incorporation Mentorship.

This is a non-therapeutic form of 1-1 support and guidance during the period of incorporation and integration that naturally follows the Quest experience. As we understand the ceremony, the concentrated period of incorporation is one year—and this process continues over a lifetime. Many people find that they are still uncovering gems from their wilderness Quest many years after the actual wilderness journey.

During the acute year of integration, questers benefit from continued harvesting from their threshold time. Mentors are Quest guides with additional training and experience in mentorship, four shields teachings and helping people apply their newfound “vision”—and perspective—to daily life. It has often been said that it is indeed our daily lives that are the “real” Quest.

Custom Training

Numerous universities, counseling training centers and training programs have contracted us to bring our training program to their interns and licensed staff. We can customize a training to meet your needs and to focus on indoor or outdoor settings.

Recent clients include: JFK University, CIIS, Dominican University, Marina Counseling Center, Coyote Coast Youth and Family Counseling, Bay Area Community Resources and other counseling centers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Contact us for more information.