May 2017
May. 4th - Dec. 7th Ecotherapy Consultation Seminar Dave Talamo
May. 5th - Nov. 5th Somatic Ecopsychology and Wilderness Quest Apprenticeship Program 2017 Dave Talamo West Marin County
May. 13th - Apr. 15th Women’s Earth Spirit Circle Amy Biesemeyer
July 2017
Jul. 8th - Jul. 14th Yoga Wilderness Quest Spencer Nielsen Lassen
Jul. 22nd - Jul. 30th Youth Quest Scott Davidson Mono Basin
Jul. 22nd - Jul. 22nd DayQuest- July 22nd Brian Spear West Marin County
August 2017
Aug. 24th - Sep. 2nd Summer Quest Brian Spear
September 2017
Sep. 9th - Jan. 10th Professional Ecotherapy Certification Program- Fall 2017 Dave Talamo Marin County
Sep. 22nd - Sep. 22nd Introduction to Ecotherapy- Sept. 22 Dave Talamo West Marin County
Sep. 23rd - Sep. 23rd DayQuest- September 23 Brian Spear West Marin County
Sep. 24th - Sep. 24th Women’s Fall Nature Day- Sept 24 Amy Biesemeyer Marin County
October 2017
Oct. 15th - Oct. 15th Yoga DayQuest- October 15th Spencer Nielsen Marin County
Oct. 27th - Oct. 29th Women’s Sacred Earth Retreat Amy Biesemeyer