Women’s True Nature Retreat

Want to step into Fall renewed and grounded?

Want to find the strength and wisdom that lives deep within you?

Want to feel alive and connected?



  • You feel most alive and happy outdoors and wish you’d make it more of a priority to get out in nature
  • You want to feel more grounded and clear so you can fully be yourself
  • You feel that you’ve lost sight of your vision for your life because daily demands are just too much
  • You are in a life transition you want guidance and support for, or have moved through a life transition that you want to mark and celebrate.
  • You in the process of grieving and want the nurturing support of an intimate group of women and the solace of nature.


The first day of the retreat is marked by the initial phase of a rite of passage.  During the Severance phase you make a conscious choice to step out of your daily life, opening to a new way of being.  The day is spent in a small group, creating bonds and preparing for a period of solitude with nature.

You will…

  • Be guided to connect with the beauty and peace around you through mindfulness and movement practices.
  • Connect with your fellow participants through simple ritual and sharing in circle.
  • Learn the practice of Council, an intentional way of speaking and listening in a group.
  • Be supported in honing your intention and questions you want to engage during your solo time.
  • Be instructed on how to safely be in solitude.
  • Culminate the day with a fire ceremony, in which you will offer an item to the fire that represents what you are ready to transform in your life.


On the morning of the second day you will step through a ceremonial Threshold. You will spend 24 hours in solitude with nature, returning to the safety of camp by nightfall.  Remaining in silence, you can use the nighttime to engage in creative expression, journaling and being with your dreams.  During the solo, you can choose to fast. You will be given guidance on how to safely fast and on the reasons to use fasting as a way to enhance your solo time.


On the morning of the third and final day, you will greeted by your guides and will step back through the Threshold.  You will break your fast with a nutritious and festive breakfast. During this last phase of a rite of passage, called Reincorporation, you will be guided through a variety of rich ways to make meaning of your experience and integrate it into your life.

You will…

  • Share the experience of your solo time and receive the gift of hearing the stories of your fellow participants.
  • Have your story mirrored back to you by the guides, a rich process which draws out the wisdom, teaching and essential qualities of your experience.
  • Create a group nature art piece.
  • Be supported in taking a particular action and/or practice you want to carry forward as a way for your experience to take root in your life.

This is an intimate retreat limited to 10 women. It is led by Amy Biesemeyer MFT (and support staff), who has been guiding transformational nature journeys since 2004. Included in the retreat are yummy, healthy meals and campground accommodations. You will need to provide basic camping gear, such as a tent, sleeping bag and pad.

Also included is a phone call with Amy before the retreat and a private outdoor session afterwards.  The private call and outdoor session are so you can be powerfully supported by me with your intentions and with integration.  Amy is committed to your transformation taking root in your life and really making a difference that will last!

what women are saying

“The journey that weekend took me to new parts of myself that I hadn’t seen, or believed were truths inside me. I now see that I am a powerful being with a powerful voice, and I am demanding of myself to use it.

You have a profound way of helping me realize my full potential and help me see things about myself that I couldn’t fully realize at the time. The way the space was held and created made a huge impact on my being. The whole process was amazing; heart exploding, solar plexus expanding beauty. ”    

 Jennifer Iadevaia

“I’m filled with deep gratitude for you sharing this experience with me, and you showing up with so much authenticity and embodied feminine power. Really a precious gift to have been in your presence.  And really affirming for me to of how powerful potent presence is, and how nourishing.  Thank you.” 

 Megan Walrod

“The Monday I returned to work I felt as though my feet and legs grounded me all the way past the second floor of the building to the basement. I have more confidence and gained a self-awareness that I can access more regularly in my daily life.”      

Laura Lutton


“I appreciated your encouragement of the group to go to an edge and also the importance of being safe and taking care as we each needed. I appreciated you holding our intentions and the prayers sent out on our behalf. I felt well supported, held and cared for.”      

Kamala Tully

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Please see our Events Calendar for this year’s dates

Program begins at 10am Friday  and completes at 3pm Sunday



Greater Bay Area.  Exact location to be given upon registration.

GUIDE Amy Biesemeyer

FEE  $775, $250 Deposit

Includes a private preparation phone call so you can be supported in creating your intentions and a post retreat private outdoor session so you can bring what you gained on the retreat into your daily life.

Organic meals and camping fees also included.


To register for this program, please send us your payment or deposit for the program and a one-page letter of intent describing your reasons for wanting to attend and what you hope to learn or explore through your participation in the program. It may also be helpful to include any significant life transitions you’ll be marking or life challenges you wish to engage by completing the program.

Register Online: Click here to complete your registration form and make a payment online. Then please email us your one-page letter of intent describing your intentions for joining the retreat.

“I have realized the soul necessity of my connection to nature-now I realize that if I do not cultivate this connection actively, my soul will die.”

“Since the retreat I am being honest with myself and more direct with others. I am recognizing how I walk in this world and that I need the outdoors to ground me.”

“The journey took me to new parts of myself that I hadn’t seen, or believed were truths inside me. I now see that I am a powerful being with a powerful voice.”