Training Programs

Through the TerraSoma Ecopsychology Training Institute, the teaching arm of Wilderness Reflections...

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Nature-Based Mentoring

Wilderness Reflections staff provide 1-1, field-based mentorship to clients in the San Francisco Bay...

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Looking for a Therapist?

Looking for a Therapist?                                                  ...

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Council & Council Training

What is Council? Council is an ancient and modern form of communication, a way to be together as...

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Ecopsychology seeks to redress the imbalance, stress and dysfunction caused by our sense that we humans are somehow separate from, better than or not embedded in Nature. Almost everyone understands intellectually that this is an inaccurate notion and has had their own experience of Nature’s power to heal and transform. A growing body of research1 points to a wide range of negative impacts that result from our living under the spell of this belief.

Along with trainings, we also offer therapeutic sessions and nature-based mentoring for youth, individuals, couples and families. It is our firmly held belief that it is time for psychology to embrace Nature.

The foundations of our form of ecotherapy, or applied ecopsychology are:

  • Personal growth and change are most effective when experienced directly in one’s body (which just happens to be the chunk of Nature with which we’re most familiar)
  • That change is most potent and lasting when experienced through intentional mindfulness, as supported by a growing body of neuroscience research2
  • This becomes even more alive when enriched with the transformative power of practices dating back to dawn of human consciousness: Ceremony, Nature awareness, expressive arts, and animal tracking

Our trainings range from ongoing consultation seminars and daylong introductory field classes to weeklong wilderness immersions and year-long apprenticeship. We train therapists, counselors, psychologists, coaches and other professionals in the art and practice of bringing Nature into their healing work.

Since many practitioners work both indoors and out, our trainings apply to office, front-country and backcountry settings. Our somatic ecopsychology sessions and trainings primarily employ the knowledge of modern neuroscience regarding how change is best facilitated—through mindfulness and body-based psychological work—and enhance this with the creative and intuitive arts of ceremony, Nature awareness, expressive arts and animal tracking.

We combine the ancient wisdom of ceremony and wilderness rites of passage with the power of body-centered psychology and emerging practices in mindfulness-based psychotherapy (as supported by current neuroscience research2).

CEUS available for MFTs & LCSWs. (PCE# 3930)



1. Chalquist, C. & Buzzell, L. 2009. Ecotherapy: Healing with Nature in Mind.

2. Lewis, M.D. 2005. Self-organizing individual differences in brain development. Developmental Review 25: 252-277.