• Align your work with the healing powers of Nature and the innate wisdom of the body
  • Learn cutting edge therapeutic approaches for city or wilderness work
  • Join a community of like-minded colleagues in a transformational journey
  • Directly experience the life-changing power of ecotherapy & rites of passage work

Blending the ancient ceremony of the wilderness quest with contemporary advances in ecopsychology and mindfulness-based therapy, this one-of-a-kind training is an opportunity to bring Nature into your counseling, coaching or healing work.  With a curriculum informed by the ceremony of the wilderness quest, ecopsychology, Hakomi®, Somatic Experiencing® and other therapies, we’ll teach you an array of practices applicable to urban or wilderness settings.  Over the course of our time together we’ll form a peer community that will nurture and support your personal growth and professional progress in the field of somatic ecopsychology.

P1010008This seven-month long training meets one weekend per month for two months leading up to a mid-summer wilderness quest and continues one weekend per month for three months after the quest. The wilderness quest is, in part, a time to give thanks to the earth and to ask for Nature’s guidance and blessing with others in an earth-based way. Readings, homework assignments and contact with colleagues will build program continuity across the duration of the training.  We will also cover ecotherapeutic approaches more easily applied to urban and other non-wilderness settings.

Open to therapists, wilderness guides, coaches and anyone eager to work more somatically or in alignment with Nature’s healing powers, the Somatic Ecopsychology and Wilderness Quest Apprenticeship Program is ideal for people inspired to become ecotherapists or wilderness quest guides.

*Register by December 31, 2022 and receive a $350 Early Bird Registration Discount*

The Details


When: For 2023 there are 5 weekend meetings: May 5-7; June 2-4; Aug 26-27; Oct 14-15; Nov. 4-5 and the wilderness quest June 30- July 9.

Where: Marin Co. CA (weekends) and Sequoia National Park, CA (wilderness trip)

What you need to provide: Personal hiking and camping gear (list to be provided).

Fee: Fee $4497 (deposit $500). (For those in need, some payment plans & financial aid are available on a first-come, first-served basis). Early Bird Discount of $350 for registrations received by Dec. 31, 2022.

To Register Please Complete These Three Steps:

1. Go To www.wildernessreflections.com/registration-form and complete the form.

2. Make Payment either pay a $500 non-refundable deposit or full fee now via PayPal (after registering in step 1) or by sending a check to us via USPS to Wilderness Reflections, P.O. Box 311, Fairfax, CA 94978.

3. Send us a 1-page letter of intent stating your reasons for enrolling in the  apprenticeship program  (via email or by USPS to Wilderness Reflections, P.O. Box 311, Fairfax, CA 94978).

Register Online

*Register by December 31, 2022 and receive a $350 Early Bird Registration Discount*


Dave Talamo, MFT is founder of Wilderness Reflections. He has over 30 years of experience guiding wilderness trips, works as a therapist with youth and adults, and is a certified Wilderness First Responder. He is committed to the expression of joy and authenticity through the body and to helping others experience their own embodied selves in an intimate, ecstatic relationship with Nature. Dave is an innovator in the field of ecotherapy, and trains therapists in these practices.  He trained in wilderness quest guiding with Steven Foster and Meredith Little and has apprenticed himself to wild places throughout North America.

Amy Biesemeyer, MFT is a gifted and dynamic quest guide, weaving together her passions for Nature, ritual, singing/chanting and personal transformation. In her ten years of wilderness guiding, she has learned to gently and skillfully help others navigate the territory between comfort and challenge. Drawing upon mind-body practices, she enriches her work with meditation, expressive arts and movement. She has been trained by the School of Lost Borders, in the therapeutic use of the wilderness. She is a licensed Marriage Family Therapist and Wilderness First Responder. Nature is her teacher and sanctuary, and she is honored to guide others in the magical unfolding of their inner wilderness.

Aaron Bartley is a nature-oriented rites of passage guide, UC California Naturalist, and certified Wilderness First Responder. He brings 15+ years experience assisting others through their inner journey, facilitating men’s groups, and supporting both men and women through rites of passage. A graduate of the Wilderness Reflections Somatic Ecopsychology & Wilderness Quest Apprenticeship, Aaron is passionate about helping others embody their authentic voice, strengthen their belonging to nature, and find renewed vision for their lives.

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“On this Apprenticeship Program I learned about my inherent capacity to be with others. I gained so much confidence in my capabilities and enhanced my desire to continue growing my skill set. I envision myself working with others in the wild in a way that I didn’t know even existed before this. This work is nourishing on a soul level and one that takes me directly to my heart center. I want to live and work for this place, always. And now it feels like I have more of a clear path of how to make that a reality.”   ~Aviva Grossberg



“Meeting an entire group of amazing people was thrilling and heart-warming.  I appreciated each person in the group and loved and grew from them.  How wonderful to be surrounded, finally, by ‘my’ people, people who were as passionate and inspired by nature as I.  I was inspired by Amy and Dave’s effective mixture of poetic mysticism and practical knowledge.  It was helpful to see them work together and the ways in which they complimented and supported one another.  Being gently guided by Dave and Amy brought me more down to earth and allowed a self-love that has remained.”    ~Kassie Lennox


“Through this apprenticeship, I gained so much insight about my own life, path, challenges and gifts. On the other side of it’s completion, I have such exciting clarity about my work with people, and how it relates to my own healing.  I feel empowered and confident in bringing my voice and my gifts into the world, and it’s actually happening; I’m doing more and more of the work that feeds me, being with people in the wild beauty of nature.  My time with this group has brought me closer to the land, closer to the fire in my belly, closer to my heart and all its longings…and my life is in greater alignment because of it.”    ~Anna Swisher,  TendingtheSacredHearth.com


Rob S.jpg

The opportunity to put the work into practice as a co-guide with my fellow apprentices made the work sink into my being and take root in ways that felt very affirming and growthful, both personally and professionally. Amy & Dave’s dedication and love of this work came through the entire 7 months. The weeklong vision fast was a gigantic highlight. It furthered my personal growth on many levels, nudging me forwards in ways that I needed to be nudged, helped me confront and move through fears and inner blockages to intimacy, and gave me numerous gifts of communion with Mother Earth that I will treasure for the rest of my life.”    -Rob Shapera, MFT


“One of the most valuable things I gained from this program is learning the value of groups and their accepting process. The vision quest was certainly impactful. I feel more strength and confidence and feel I have built a positive useful resource within to be able to move more towards what I fear.  Overall, I have built deeper connections with myself, others and nature through a space that is open and safe. This has been such a wonderful experience and probably the most helpful thing I have done so far.  You both were such wonderful guides and you have fine-tuned yourselves and the program so well.”   ~Michele Angelini