After completing a Wilderness Quest with Wilderness Reflections, or one with another program utilizing a similar quest format, many questers become interested in guiding and learning more about themselves through the mirror of Nature and human community. At Wilderness Reflections, we offer several ways for people to gain further experience.


Guides will usually take up to two apprentices per Quest. Guides choose their own apprentices, usually selecting people with whom they are familiar and have worked with in the past. Occasionally, a prospective apprentice will be introduced to one of our guides by another WR staff or by colleagues from other companies or organizations. Apprentices are expected to participate fully in the Quest programs, support the guides and basecamp support staff and to work their own edge, with the guidance and training of the guides, as they explore their role with the ceremony. Apprentices will often perform their own 24-hour renewal ceremony during the threshold time. There is a fee associated with apprenticeship as guides provide direct training and mentorship. If you have quested and are interested in apprenticing on a WR Quest, please contact the guides for the program you would like to support.

Basecamp Support

Basecamp support people are past Quest participants who want more contact with the ceremony and would like to be in a support role. They support the guides by taking responsibility for meal preparation and clean-up—with the support of questers. Additionally, they help with other basecamp tasks on an as-needed basis. Under normal conditions, these supporters are able to attend most councils and will often do their own 24-hour renewal ceremony during the threshold time. Guides choose their basecamp support team and accept requests for consideration.


In addition to apprenticing on a Wilderness Quest, Wilderness Reflections provides further training on the road to becoming a Wilderness Quest guide. Additionally, practitioners from a number of professions find our training to be an invaluable addition to their work.

Training takes place through the TerraSoma Ecopsychology Training Institute, the teaching arm of WR.

Programs include:

Somatic Ecopsychology Consultation Seminar

This 8-week long consultation group held in Marin County, California, is for mental health practitioners and coaches looking to blend the healing powers of Nature into their work. Sessions alternate between indoors and out on the land and include participation in the daylong Intro to Ecotherapy program.

Somatic Ecopsychology & Wilderness Quest Apprenticeship Program

This is our comprehensive training in Wilderness Reflections’ unique blend of body-oriented therapeutic work and the myriad practices and ways of the Wilderness Quest ceremony. Format varies from year-to-year but always includes a full Wilderness Quest.

Intro to Ecotherapy

This daylong program is an immersion in Wilderness Reflections’ marriage of the ceremonial Quest work with body-oriented, mindfulness-based psychotherapy. This program meets on the land in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In addition to these programs, we also provide:

Individual Case Consultation for practitioners wanting to consult about specific clients/cases from a somatic and earth-based perspective.

Custom Group Training in Somatic Ecopsychology

Numerous universities, counseling training centers and training programs have contracted us to bring our training program to their interns and licensed staff. We can customize a training to meet your needs and to focus on indoor or outdoor settings.

Contact us for more information.

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