I understand that many people turn to Nature for healing, rejuvenation, self-regulation and so much more. I have made it a focus of my professional life to find many ways to enhance this innate therapeutic effect of being in Nature.

“Working outdoors with Nature is the ideal therapeutic venue for healing trauma.”
– Ariel Giaretto, MFT, SEP, Somatic Experiencing training faculty 

I specialize in ecotherapy, men’s issues, young adults, and teens and families.

My approach is unique in that I combine the healing power of nature with the proven effectiveness of mindful, body-based therapy.

Therapy is an opportunity to create lasting transformation and change. This occurs by having experiences that reformulate and reconfigure the body, mind, soul and spirit, with support. The more fully we are engaged, the deeper the potential for meaningful, enduring growth and change. It is experience, and insights that come via your own direct experience, as felt in the body, that primarily facilitate change. My work is based upon this premise and uses the power of mindful awareness to facilitate self-discovery, growth and enduring shifts in how you experience yourself and your life.

Therapy works best when we develop a strong, trusting collaboration focused upon helping you to better know yourself and realize your goals for therapy. To help create this kind of relationship, I am gentle, honest, direct and work together with you to find the approach that is most effective for you.

Often, I combine regular office sessions with monthly outdoor ecotherapy sessions. This allows us to build the therapeutic relationship while also providing opportunities for the deeper work and additional resources available to us when we’re outdoors. Learn more about our Ecotherapy work here (link to Terrasoma_Looking for a Therapist? Try Ecotherapy) and more about my practice on my therapy website: www.DavidTalamoMFT.com.

Who I work with

I work with teens, adults, families and couples around issues such as anxiety, depression, relationships, substance abuse, life transitions and rites of passage, life purpose and soul work, career change.


I specialize in…

Men’s issues: I help men regain their vitality, power and balance in the face of the challenges of relationships, family, career, substance abuse, etc.

Young Adults: Becoming a true adult is harder than ever in this day and age, I help young adults find their way into independent, meaningful and joyful adulthood.

Ecotherapy: Disconnection from nature is an underlying wound for most people in our culture. Nature has an amazing power to help us grow, heal and transform. This work can be done indoors or out on the land.

Teens and families: I help teens and families navigate the challenges of coming of age in a complex and fast paced culture.


Offices in San Rafael. Outdoor sessions in Marin county and around the SF Bay Area.

Supervision and Consultation

I provide supervision for interns and consultation for therapists and coaches wanting to weave Nature’s healing influence into their work.


Please call or email me for more information, to arrange a session or a free 15-minute phone consultation. (415) 339-7405.