I work with teens, young adults, MFT students/interns, adults, couples and groups.  I work with a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, life transitions, recovery, spirituality and relationship issues.

My approach is informed by my work as a wilderness rites of passage guide since 2004 and as a student of embodied, psychospiritual practices since 2006, specifically the work of Jennifer Welwood and The Diamond Heart Approach.  I am also a graduate of the Somatic Counseling Program at The California Institute of Integral Studies.

The heart of my practice is creating a compassionate and present space for my clients to awaken to their true nature, love themselves completely and express their uniqueness.  I do this by using embodied mindfulness techniques, teaching meditation and guiding inquiry that leads to one’s deepest truth.  When we recognize the strategies and defenses we developed in response to our upbringing, space is made for our natural aliveness and essential self.  Qualities shine through, such as joy, strength and wisdom.  There is more capacity to face life’s challenges, more ease in our body and more freedom to express ourselves.  By developing inner support, we are able to be with life experiences, instead of avoiding, manipulating and/or judging them.   The inner support of our true nature becomes the foundation of our life, instead of the unpredictable nature of external circumstances.  With this foundation, you are better able to be with life’s challenges, and are less overwhelmed and at the mercy of your thoughts and emotions.  Essentially you become more You!


I specialize in….

Ecotherapy: I offer sessions in outdoor settings, give nature based assignments and draw upon clients’ experiences with the natural world to be an ally and resource.  Through personal experience and guiding others, I have found that the natural world is a clear and compassionate mirror for discovering and cultivating the essence of one’s true nature.

Teens:  Teens tend to create distance from their parents and turn to peers for answers.  Teens greatly benefit from having adults in their lives whom they can trust and who will be real with them.  I take a mentoring approach and am appropriately transparent about myself.

Young adults: In this stage of life, it is vital for young adults to discover their gifts and purpose, as well as learn how to express and give them.  Along with this is finding their community, through building support networks and identifying ways to contribute.  Developing self care is another vital aspect to develop in this life stage.

MFT students/interns: The rite of passage that the MFT student-intern undertakes is one I have great respect for and learned much from.  I feel a great capacity and am honored to sit with my MFTI clients in the dark places of frustration, burnout and financial stress.  I ally with them to fiercely protect and nurture their self care, joy and passion.  I also co-create ways to honor and celebrate the milestones with ritual, deep mirroring, acknowledgment and even fun.

Couples:  I help couples by creating a safe, trusting, truth telling space.  I do this by guiding them to get underneath the content that often fuels conflict and defenses, and land in their own embodied presence where authentic connection and love can be a guide and resource.

Groups: I have facilitated groups for middle school aged girls, teen girls and women.  Through the use of meditation, games, expressive arts, ritual, journaling and council practice, I create a space that invites authentic connection with oneself and with others.  Click here for my current groups.


Office in San Anselmo and outdoor sessions in Marin County.


Please email me (amy@OneNatureTherapy.com) or call my confidential voicemail at (415) 419-3557.  I offer a free 20 minute phone consultation and I offer a sliding scale for my sessions.