Nature- Try It Full Strength for Amazing Results!

Yes! I love this video! The amazing new wonder drug that cures so much of what ails us! NATURE. Now available in new full-strength, time-released prescription doses. This is a must-watch! In August I offered a new 2-hour introduction to ecotherapy, Step Outside and Tame Your Inner Critic. It was a fabulous success! It’s exciting […]


“This silence is so…so…absorbing. So all-encompassing. It’s like sound just disappears into this vast stillness.       I can finally hear myself again; I can remember who I am; I can see myself clearly and open up to life and nature. I didn’t even know I needed this.” We were sitting in the Mojave Desert, Death Valley […]

This is the Planet Pandora

This is the Planet Pandora:  Introduction to Ecotherapy                            (As published in the Marin CAMFT Newsletter, 04/2010)  “Therapy as if humans were actually a part of Nature” The recent 3-D blockbuster Avatar filled theaters for weeks.  Transfixed in part by the vivid beauty of a stunning natural environment and by a race of people living in […]