Programs are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. We encourage early registration to secure your place and to provide you with sufficient preparation time. You may pay a deposit or full payment.

Wilderness Reflections (WR) reserves the right to screen participants for compatibility with WR programs, which can be physically and psychologically challenging. For the benefit of all, we require participants to be in good physical, mental, and emotional health. We reserve the right to refuse enrollment based on our assessment of these and other criteria. Should you not be accepted for a WR  for which you have registered, your deposit or payment will be returned in full.

CANCELLATION POLICY    Please Read This Before You Register:

Payments made via Credit Card/Paypal include their fee of 3.5% or more.
his fee is kept by PayPal and not refundable.

Take some time to carefully consider your decision to enroll in a WR program. Most participants find our programs to be life-changing journeys. Your decision to enroll represents a commitment to yourself and to us. Our deposit policy is designed to support you with this commitment and to make it possible for us to schedule guides and prepare effectively for the trip. Having done this for many years, we can tell you that it is common, even appropriate, for people to feel some fear and resistance before stepping into the unknown realms of the inner or outer wilderness. It is especially common for these feelings and concerns to arise as your trip date gets closer. During your preparation time, life may present significant obstacles (real as well as imagined, inner as well as outer) and it may seem impossible for you to proceed with the WR program. These apparent obstacles arise quite commonly and we believe that they are an important part of the experience, serving to help you become more clear on what your quest or journey means to you and paving the way in your life for the insights and growth you will be bringing back after the trip. We ask that you register only when you are truly committed to going.

Deposits are non-refundable at any time after receipt unless we cancel the program, you are not accepted for a particular program or it is full.
The balance of your tuition is non-refundable unless we cancel the program, you are not accepted for a particular program or it is full.
For cancellations made 5 weeks or more before the start date of a program, the deposit and tuition paid can be credited for a later program of the same type. This can be done only one time and must be applied in the 12-month period following the initial program for which you’ve enrolled. However, an additional non-refundable deposit must be sent in order to hold space in the later program. (When your tuition balance is due, this second deposit will be credited towards your remaining tuition balance.)
For cancellations less than 5 weeks before the start date of a program, all tuition paid is forfeited.

We ask you to inform us of any special dietary needs (our standard menus are mostly lacto-vegetarian) and provide for special needs we cannot meet.


If you choose to make a deposit only at this time, final payment is due 5 weeks prior to the start date of the program. When registering less than 5 weeks prior to the start date of a program, please pay the entire tuition payment. All online payments include a 3% processing fee.


Scholarships, fee reductions, and payment plans are often available for those who would otherwise be unable to participate; please contact us for more information.