If you are a woman being beckoned to quest with other female souls, then you are answering a call that is deeply, uniquely of Woman…a call that will be heard by great wild Nature and the nature of your innermost being.

The Women’s Fast is an opportunity to reach beyond the known borders of your inner and outer worlds, to remember and reclaim all that you are. It is the opportunity to experience and receive the gift of the reflection of your true nature by very Nature itself, which is clear seeing and truth revealing.

On this fast, you will trek into the wilderness with views of snow-covered mountains and ancient volcanoes to beckon you into the unknown. With the weight of what you carry in the world heavy on your backs, you will bring only what is needed to sustain you. A walking meditation propels you forward by the deepest longing to follow the call to home, home to the authentic self. You will be greeted by a gentle, pristine lake on whose shores you will rest and engage the work of your soul. Along with your fellow sisters, you will gaze into the mirror and find what has been waiting to be shown to you.

The Quest has three phases: 

Kyle Cosmic Woman

Severance: This is a time to sever ties with life as you know it, to slow down and disengage from the modern, technical world. The first two days will be spent in a campground that has running water, BBQ pit and toilets. During this phase, you will become acquainted with your guides and fellow questers and cover such topics as: no trace camping & natural history of the area; safety and survival procedures; teachings of The Four Shields; exploration of your reasons for questing; and creating your own ceremonies for growth, healing and celebration. The guides will use embodied, nature based meditation and the practice of Council to create a group space that is authentic and intimate. On the third day, the group will backpack about five moderate miles to a wilderness basecamp. On the fourth day, questers begin fasting and find their own special place on the land for the threshold phase of the quest.

Threshold: As you have removed yourself even further from your regular, daily life and the familiar human world, you are now prepared to step out of your “normal” life and consciousness and into the sacred realm of the quest. During Threshold, you will spend 3 days and nights living alone without contact with other people. This is a time to turn your attention inward to what your soul is being called to engage. Most questers choose to fast during this time. Much attention is paid to safely setting up this phase of the quest.

Reincorporation: On the fourth morning of your solo fast, you will return to base camp to be greeted by your guides and fellow questers. After celebrating with breaking the fast, we will begin the challenging process of gradually returning to “normal” life and most importantly, we will work together to help you make meaning of your alone time in the wilderness. Each quester will get to share her experiences with the group and will be assisted in a myriad of ways in bringing the many facets of the quest back into daily life.

The Details:

When:.  10am, July 24- 12pm, August 3 2014

*Note: Most questers choose to arrive the night before we begin so they can acquaint themselves with the area and not rush into the start of the Quest the next morning.

Where: Lassen Volcanic National Park, CA. All permits and camping fees are paid by Wilderness Reflections.

Guides:  Amy Biesemeyer & Polly Triplat

What you need to provide: Personal camping gear; share in carpooling costs/vehicles. Ability to carry a 30-40 lb. pack five moderate miles. No prior camping experience needed.

Fee: Guide Fee $1,000–$1,250. Camp Logistics Fee $200. Deposit $200 (For those in need, payment plans & financial aid are available on a first-come, first-served basis).


To register for this program, please send us your payment or deposit for the program and a one-page letter of intent describing your reasons for wanting to attend and what you hope to learn or explore through your participation in the program. It may also be helpful to include any significant life transitions you’ll be marking or life challenges you wish to engage by completing the program.

Register by Mail: Download a Registration Form, complete it, and send it, along with your deposit or full payment to: Wilderness Reflections, P.O.Box 311, Fairfax, CA 94978.

Register Online: Click here to complete your registration form, submit your letter of intent and make a payment online.

EARLY REGISTRATION DISCOUNT: Register 90 days in advance, and receive a $100 discount.

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