Several years ago, inspired by the great rewards their sons and daughters have received from their Youth Quest and school rites of passage programs, a parent decided she wanted to work with us to create a scholarship fund so that any youth who wanted to participate in our programs would be financially able to do so. Thanks to the fiscal sponsorship of The Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment (, we are able to receive tax-deductible donations to our scholarship and education fund. As a result, we can gratefully and confidently welcome any teen interested in joining our Youth Quests. For more information about the fund, scholarship applications and related matters, please contact us.

“…What has happened is that Alex took off on the Youth Quest, and the person who returned was Alex and Then Some. And while he has definitely matured and grown tremendously during the brief 9-day experience, it’s as if he’s also become a child again in that he is clearly at the beginning of a whole new aspect of his life, and he’s filled with hope and excitement for the adventures that lie before him.”
– Sondra H., YQ Parent

To Make A Donation: Please write checks to “The Rose Foundation” and note in the memo “for the WR Scholarship and Education Fund”. Mail checks to us at P.O. Box 311, Fairfax, CA 94978. Upon receipt of your donation you will receive back from us a note of gratitude and documentation of your tax-deductible donation. Thank You!