Welcome! In support of the emerging field of Ecotherapy, it’s our pleasure to add this directory to our list of resources that support the growth of this work.


Please note that the therapists listed here are self-referring to this list and that we cannot vouch for the level of skill or experience. (with the exception of those who have trained directly with us) All information is self-reported by the ecotherapist. In an attempt to make this information most available, to be listed here an ecotherapist must list their level of experience, any specific ecotherapy training or certification they’ve done and other relevant certifications, degrees or training they have. Please also note that most therapists continue to add to their training and skill set over the course of their career and that there is only room on this list for the most relevant or recent information they care to share. Of course, you can contact each practitioner or visit their website for more details about them and their work.

Want to submit your name to the directory list? Please contact us with the following information. (We will contact you if we have any questions or need for clarification, and then post you to the list.)


bio (100 words)

years experience facilitating ecotherapy sessions

Approx. # of hours of ecotherapy sessions conducted: 0-25; 25-50; 50-100; 100-500; >500

Any formal certification or training in Ecotherapy (must be training that is overtly defined and named as “Ecotherapy” training/certification)

Other relevant certifications, training or experience (limit 150 words)

Primary address/location of  your office; and of your outdoor work

Phone, email address & Website and any other contact info you wish to include.